Over the last 20 years Barrington Motor Works has produced numerous Vintage BMW Motorcycle restorations. We offer multiple forms of restorations to tailor any project to the owner’s goals. Each restoration is different and setting goals early helps to effectively direct our efforts. We at Barrington Motor Works take pride in working closely with each customer to develop unique plans to create a dream bike.

R68 Rescue

R68 Rescue

R68 ISDT Replica

Concourse level Restoration

Concourse restorations bring a motorcycle to the closest, most accurate form it would have been upon originally leaving the factory. The goal of concourse restorations is to create a period correct motorcycle that will score high points at a judged event. This type of restoration utilizes correct paint and pin stripe, fasteners, finishes and period correct parts. Each mechanical, electrical, and chassis component is painstakingly scrutinized and restored to factory specification or better. The cost associated with this level of restoration is commonly high, and the timeline can be from one to two years.

1961 R50S with custom features

Rideable Restorations

What we refer to as “Rideable Restorations” are in a sense the true purpose of a motorcycle. These machines were originally built to be ridden and by utilizing materials and technics we create a restoration that can be ridden to and from a show after stealing it. This form of restoration utilizes powder coating, stainless steel fasteners, upgraded lighting systems, and other aftermarket systems. The goal of this form of restoration is to produce a motorcycle that is safe, reliable, easier to service and looks incredible. The cost associated with this level of restoration is commonly less than that of a concourse restoration depending on the choice and number of options.

R69S mechanical restoration

R69S mechanical restoration


Mechanical Restorations

This form of restoration is for the “story-teller”; the owner who wants their bike to tell the tale of its years, but function impeccably. During this type of restoration the major drive line components (i.e. motor, transmission, and final drive) are disassembled, evaluated, repaired and rebuilt. Often other areas, like the suspension, wheels and wiring systems, are addressed but only so much as to refresh old or tired components. The result is a bike that shows its history, but travels down the road safely and reliably.

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