Barrington /2 Transmission Kit

Barrington /2 Transmission Kit


Having trouble navigating micro fiche on dealership websites looking for the seals and bearings you need for your /2 transmission rebuild? We’ve been there too! That is why we have done the work for you.

Barrington Motor Works is happy to offer a 4-speed transmission kit which includes all the required bearings, seals, gaskets, and extras you will need to complete the job. This kit also contains single use items like cir-clips, springs and washers. We have included a number of our personal favorite upgrades to keep your transmission rebuild coasting smoothly to the finish line.

Included items:

  • All input, output and intermediate shaft bearings.

  • Kick start lever, shift lever, input and output shaft seals.

  • Shift mechanism and output shaft circlips.

  • /5 shift fork eccentrics with deep socket SS Fillister head bolts.

  • Input shaft return spring and stop disc.

  • Cover gasket, clutch rod felt, clutch piston o-ring, and fill and drain plug washers

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