Motor Rebuild Services

No two motors are alike

Barrington Motor Works provides comprehensive motor and component evaluation and repair. Our goal is to deliver a motor in perfect running condition which the owner can reinstall into their vintage BMW motorcycle knowing it will function properly.

We are often asked how much will it cost to rebuild a motor. The reality of this question is that an accurate estimate can rarely be given without first thoughtful disassembly followed by thorough evaluation of the motors components. It is through this method that we have been able to provide high quality motor rebuild services for the past 20 years.

Initial investigation of the motor begins with removal of the oil pan. Commonly, whatever is found in the oil pan will be found elsewhere in the motor. Next, we remove the left and right cylinders to evaluate the connecting rods and get a look inside the engine case. The following process is to remove the flywheel and disassemble the front timing components. The crank is then removed from the case and evaluated for trueness and connecting rod play.

Additional evaluation and subsequent repairs are preformed on the cylinders and pistons, the cylinder heads, timing components, oil pump components and if provided the engine electric components.

Once all various parts are rebuilt or repaired the motor is reassembled using new bearings, seals and gaskets. Each area of the motor is rebuilt using factory specifications of clearances and torques. Ignition components are reset to correct positions and static ignition timing is achieved. Upgraded fasteners and other components are available upon request.

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