Electrical & Lighting services

Over the lifetime of the motorcycle the electrical components can be significantly impacted by moisture, corrosion, pests and natural deterioration. Barrington Motor Works offers a number of electrical services ranging from basic electrical clean-up to full electrical system upgrades, including 12V power upgrades, high-output headlights and LED tail lights.

Basic Electrical

The number one cause of electrical issues are damaged and/or corroded wiring or connections. All rubberized materials have a life span and your wiring components are no different. Whether you are looking to add bar-end turn signals, chase down an electrical gremlin, or have a wiring harness completely replaced Barrington Motor Works is ready.

Lighting Upgrades

One of the most important aspects of safety related to motorcycles are the ideas to “see and be seen”. By upgrading the headlight to the H4 system and the tail light to an LED system, you’ll be able to see much farther ahead and make the vehicles behind you see you. Barrington Motor Works stocks both lighting upgrade options for /2, /3 and single motorcycles.

Vape 12volt systems

The VAPE 12v power system upgrade (previously Power Dynamo) replaces your motorcycles magneto ignition system and stock 6v charging system. This bolt on system requires no engine case modifications and can easily be integrated into the bikes existing wiring harness. This system does require the replacement of all light bulbs to 12v and the replacement the standard 6v battery with a 12v battery.

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