Carburetor Rebuild Service

Barrington Motor Works offers an intensive carburetor rebuild service. The carburetors are fully disassembled, all components are evaluated for wear or damage and replaced as needed, all threads are cleaned, intake flanges are checked for flatness, all serviceable carburetor components are bathed in our ultrasonic cleaner at a high temperature for an hour and a half, thoroughly cleaned, reassembled with fresh gasket kits and all adjustments are set to BING factory specifications. Additionally, we offer black phosphate service to exterior carburetor components for a more finished appearance.

vacuum fittings website.jpg

Vacuum Fittings

Barrington Motor Works also offers custom made vacuum fittings which can be installed on any /2 or /3 size carburetor. The fittings make balancing and syncing carburetors a much easier task. Loose vacuum fittings are also available for purchase.


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